Attendance Management

Attendance is a necessary procedure in schools, colleges and companies. Attendance processing maintains a quick and accurate recording of student’s or employee’s attendance. Our Student Attendance Module covers all the aspects related to attendance and what is inspiring is the fact that the reports are available readily for the school and parents of individual students. Through this module, the attendance can be recorded on the following bases viz. daily, first half and second half, subject-wise and period-wise. This is used to identify irregularities in the corresponding field of the students or employees.

Advantages of an Attendancemanagement system

Manual marking of attendance takes time and extra effort to mark attendance. Attendance management reduce the time and effort.

Attendance records are kept safe and can be checked easily whenever required.

This module saves a lot of time and results in accuracy and the reports are automatically generated.

The major advantage of this software is that it is very flexible and can be adopted by small and large schools at reasonable pricing.

This module provides instant alerts can be sent to parents related to the shortage of attendance, monthly attendance reports, etc.

Features of Attendance Management Software

Automatically generates attendance reports.

SMS will be sent to parents when students attendance is calculated.

Attendance Reports on the basis daily/ weekly/ yearly can be easily be seen.

This module requires less of administrative and paperwork.

Marking of attendance with this module is real time tracking.

This module is integrated with student information system.