Mobile Jammer

In order to make a person enable not to attend unwanted calls, there is a helpful device known as cell phone jammer available in the Extremaa. The device blocks the signals directly from the base stations and makes a person able to avoid calls without making his phone being switched off. A mobile phone jammer is useful in Hospitals, government offices, colleges, schools, meetings and in seminars. It is a small in size, light in weight device that you can carry anywhere to block your phone’s signals. The device consists of an antenna to catch the signal frequencies and an LED light to indicate the user the device is On or Off.

Advantages of Mobile Jammer

One of the initial benefits of using phone jammer is, the device can block any mobile signal from base station. If you are a business owner, you know that most of your company’s employees are going to be gabbing on their cell phones all the time. If you use these jammers, you can block out the signals so you do not worry about people coming to your organization. Apart from this, it also helps you to save your trade secrets by blocking the signals so employees do not able to send your information to others in the form of pictures.

It helps people not to be distracted from their work. Sometimes, people have to attend calls even if they are talking to the owners or in a meeting. The jamming devices help the people able do not interrupted by their phones during their important conversations.

Sometimes, the device is also helpful in prevention of terrorist actions by blocking signals of a mobile phone.

Apart from using in offices, if you come from a meeting and want to be relaxed and not to attend the calls of your friends and colleagues, then the use of phone jammer is quite useful by not making the caller sad.

Best part with the jamming device is, the caller will get a message as “the phone you are trying is out of coverage” instead of “your phone is switched off”.

Apart from jamming phone signals, some of the jammers are also helpful to block GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals.